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Trove Does the Monster Bash With Its Latest Update

I feel as though I should burst into song right now but I will spare you that pain as Trion have already gone there with the announcement of Trove’s Monster Bash. Landing today, this update introduces a new class to the colorful voxel game, and a little more to boot.

Our Devs were working at the lab, late one night, when their eyes beheld an eerie sight. For the Monsters from their spawns began to rise, and suddenly – to their surprise – they did the Bash, they did the Monster Bash …

Now you have that in your head, we can go into what’s new.

Trove Monster Bash - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Trove’s newest class is the Boomeranger – pronounced Boom-eh-Ranger. Equipped with a bow, blade, bomb, or boomerang as needed, the Boomeranger is perfect for dungeoneering. Their use of the Boomerang allows them to reduce the cooldowns on all abilities when catching the weapon upon its return, though don’t forget that some situations are better finished off with a Big Bomb. There’s also a Mysterious Urn but that remains a mystery, would you believe?

This update also brings customization to the flasks of Trove, allowing players to change up their flasks to suit their playstyle. For instance, if you’d like to heal less but have more charges, that would be an option open to you. Monster Bash also introduces forging which will allow you to ramp up your gear quality by forging weapons and armor.

Trove Monster Bash boomeranger-rang - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

So why are Trion calling this update the Monster Bash? Oh, they only went ahead and juiced up the monsters of Trove to make them even more challenging. Now featuring Blinding Lasers, a nova of spiked death, and virtual armies of poisonous Mushroom Men. But that’s not all. You will need to handle Gravity Wells that limit your jumping, a Vortex of death that draws you in, and enemies that can clone themselves.

Better sharpen those boomerangs and get forging, because this update will be live today. Head on over to the official Trove website to download and play for free now!

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