Trove Take Flight Update Tomorrow

Trion Worlds is releasing the highly anticipated Take Flight update tomorrow for the voxel MMORPG Trove. The new update appears to be pretty large and adds a good chunk of new content. Players will now be able to purchase the new Shadow Hunter, who is a rouge like ranged character. Other major additions include the new Runecrafting profession and the introduction of winged flight.

For more information on Trove or the new update, please visit the official website.


Radiant Ruins

Once the stronghold of the mighty Sun Goddess, this blasted realm now hides the secrets of the Elysians … along with a healthy compliment of traps. Venture into this world through a special portal and gather new treasures to aid you in your journeys.

Shadow Hunter

Draw your bow, steady your aim, and banish shadows with arrows of light! With the ability to track targets through walls and fire shots touched by the Sun Goddess herself, the new Shadow Hunter Class is sure to hit the mark.
What’s better than roaring across the landscape on a Neon Nightcycle or holding the reins of Sparkles the unicorn? Flying over the landscape, of course! Take flight with a variety of new Wings and let your spirit soar!
This brand new profession gives would-be scribes the ability to craft special blocks, rare and discontinued styles, and magical Tomes that increase the rewards of adventuring!


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