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Turbine Cancels Plans to Move LOTRO European Servers

Turbine Executive Producer Athena “Vyvyanne” Peters has announced that plans to relocate the LOTRO European servers to Amsterdam have been cancelled. The European servers for Lord of the Rings Online will continue to be based at Turbine’s data center in New Jersey.

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The European servers will remain housed in the datacenter in the United States along with the North American servers, Peters says; “Based on this early information we believe that players will be best served by us focusing on improvements to the new datacenter, rather than moving the EU servers to Amsterdam.” She continues, explaining that the tech team has learned a lot about how the LOTRO service works with various ISPs, and that “Early efforts at tuning have been showing progress, leading to measurable improvement in latency for both US and EU players.” Lastly, Peters states that there are numerous fixes and tweaks still in the works to fix issues with lag and latency; a new routing system is in the works, and that they are implementing client-side fixes to help with both client-side and server-side lag during events with large numbers of players.

Our Thoughts:

Turbine and Lord of the Rings Online have had a rocky road, with rounds of server shutdowns, layoffs, and other problems, but it is still a great game. If Turbine can improve the game’s performance and spare themselves the expense of relocating servers to Amsterdam (I live in the Netherlands – nothing in Amsterdam is cheap) more power to them,

Source: Lord of the Rings Online Official Forums

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