Turn-Based Strategy Game Insidia Confirms a February Launch

After what one can presume was a successful open beta period this past September, Italian indie developer Bad Seed has locked down an Insidia release window for its free release on Steam. And that release window is for later this month.

insidia release

Insidia offers one-on-one tactical PvP where players individually control a team of four heroes to issue orders in rapid turns. The object of the game is to capture map objectives to open up their opponent’s base and leave it ripe for an attack in true MOBA fashion.

Heroes have a number of either passive or active abilities, and while they’ll await orders, they’ll not just sit idle as they automatically perform certain actions until given commands. Insidia promises a combat model that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Insidia is also looking to make it into the competitive esports scene, with the game already being the first indie title to land a spot on the FACEIT platform. As such, integration with FACEIT opens members of the platform up to competitive features such as ladders, leagues and other tournaments.

If you’re interested, you can keep up with Insidia on its Steam page.

Our Thoughts

Looks like there’s another MOBA-like tactical title out there. That said, it sounds like Insidia has a lot more going for it in terms of its gameplay to make it truly stand out and hopefully avoid the recent MOBApocalypse that’s seen other titles shutter. We’ll see where things lead, but want to wish Bad Seed a hearty congratulations for the game’s upcoming free launch all the same.

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