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Twitch Streamer Sets Record for Longest Hearthstone Turn

What can you do in 1 day 21 hours and 18 minutes? That’s almost 2 days–around 45 hours and a few minutes. It’s a weekend! You can take a flight from US to Asia and back. You can sleep all day, and at least reach half of your online game’s level cap.

To Hearthstone player and Twitch streamer Mamytwink, that’s a number game probably worth a world record; it was the total amount of time it took for a full turn to finish in Blizzard’s online card game–to defeat himself.

We can practically hear readers exclaim, “That’s dubious!” In a game of Hearthstone, a player is only allowed one minute and thirty seconds long to finish a turn. However, that doesn’t mean that the card animation would only last that long. Mamytwink has set up two units and he’s been taking turns for each in his livestream. To achieve that long turn, he used the cards Prophet Velen buffed multiple times by Velen’s Choice. Mind Vision was used to multiply Faceless Manipulator, which in turn multiplied Prophet Velen. This exponentially increased the number of missiles fired by the Arcane Missiles card.

Velen Compute

A rough computation by Mamytwink that he posted on his Twitter with the hashtag #HSWorldRecord

As Mamytwink had explained on a post:

“The spellpower increases the number of missiles casted by Arcane Missiles. 207 spellpower = +206 missiles. this makes a total amount of 206 + 3 missiles. Prophet Velen doubles the number of missiles. Because there are 7 on the battlefield, the number of missiles has been multiplied 2^7 = 128 times. 128×210 = 26 752 missiles. Eventually, Arcane Missiles x 9 have been cast, which gives 26 752 x 9 = 240 768 missiles.”

“It takes approximately 0,67 seconds for the animation of a missile to happen. 240 768 x 0,67 = 161 314 seconds. Which gives more than 44h of live stream.”

Mamytwink World Record Hearthstone Twitch 2

So, more than 40 hours later, including the set up, Mamytwink gave his viewers around 240,000 of Arcane Missiles being fired over and over against the other character, who had valiantly held its fort with an Ice Block–a card that keeps the player from dying until the next turn. Mamytwink encountered some difficulties like accidentally burning one of his 10 Mind Vision cards, his Mage wasn’t healed enough, or the EU server going on maintenance. If you missed it you can see the whole thing for yourself through this link, where at 16:45 Mamytwink would start explaining the set up and you’ll soon be watching a neat trick around 10 minutes after.

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