Two New Pets for Strife

S2 Games introduces two new pets in to their MOBA, Strife. To coincide with the event they are holding a pet battle. During the event the pet who receives the most unlocks will win. Those who have unlocked the winning pet will receive an exclusive set of Icons. Runner ups will receive a different set of Icons. To get both sets you would want to unlock both of the new pets. For more information on the new pets in Strife, see the official webpage for full details.


Plunder is a new pet who focuses on pushing down lanes in Strife. With a strong mix of defense and the ability to buff allied brawlers, players who like to buckle down in a lane and apply constant pressure will excel with Plunder. Learn more at the Pets page.

Promote (active): Applies a buff to 5 allied creeps, granting them bonus attack damage, attack speed, and health for 15 seconds.
Pillage (trigger): Attacking an enemy hero or structure grants a small amount of gold.
Resilience (passive): Passively grants magic armor


Tink excels in defensive abilities that help heroes hold down towers when outnumbered. He also offers powerful anti-crowd control and regeneration effects. If you ever play heroes who struggle defending towers, you’ll benefit immensely from having Tink by your side. Learn more at the Pets page.

Enhance Defenses (active): Applies a buff to target allied tower which grants it temporary bonus damage and splash damage.
Brace for Impact (trigger): Upon getting stunned/slowed, gain Crowd Control reduction for 3 seconds.
Augmented Repairs (passive): Passively improves the bonus from Out of Combat Regeneration.

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