Underwater Bases and Aquatic Breeding Coming in ARK Steam Update

The newest ARK Steam update is bringing a new level of gameplay to the underwater areas of ARK Survival Evolved, with several features that let players find out if it’s better down where it’s wetter.

ark steam update

Steam’s update 256 lets players construct their own vacuum-sealed underwater TEK bases, along with a variety of other TEK Tier goodies like a TEK saddle for the Mosasaur, a wireless TEK Power Generator, and TEK Teleport Pads that will let players swiftly travel across the game’s world map.

In addition to all the shiny new TEK, four new creatures have arrived to the sandbox and aquatic creature breeding can now be undertaken. The update is also touting an inventory UI redesign that streamlines the way players access their equipment. According to a statement from lead designer, lead programmer, and Studio Wildcard co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz, the UI enhancement represents “a significant step on the road of preparing ARK for its home stretch of Early Access”.

Details of the update, along with a link to patch notes for v256, can be read here, and a video showcasing the update’s features is available for viewing below.

Our Thoughts

The home stretch of Early Access, you say? That is a bold statement indeed, considering how long the access period of ARK has at least felt. That said, this update continues to illustrate a game that has a great deal of fun from its setting and we’re looking forward to seeing how ARK survivors like this significant new chunk of content.

Source: press release

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