Underwater Combat and Class Tweaks Arrive to Guild Wars 2

We knew it was coming and roughly when, but we didn’t know what sort of major Guild Wars 2 changes were in store. Today, the wondering ends and the patch notes and dev blog posts being as ArenaNet outlines all that’s new for underwater combat and every Profession in the MMO.

guild wars 2 changes

We’ll first go over the thing that’s fastest to cover: underwater combat. Players should now see a faster time-to-kill for monsters underwater and changes to the flow of underwater combat that bring it more on-par with battling on land. In addition, some sunken treasure quests have been added with rewards like an ascended-quality Diver’s Breather.

Now the long thing: class balance. Every class has been touched in the latest update to Guild Wars 2, with adjustments to all Professions and the arrival of Deadeye elite spec adjustments. As one would likely expect, there’s a lot to this particular part of the update, so we’ll just direct you to the patch notes instead.

Our Thoughts

Is it just us or are those underwater combat tweaks a bit on the underwhelming side? This may not go over terribly well for those who feel that time spent on underwater combat is time wasted. We’re interested to know your thoughts on all that’s new this patch, so feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Sources: official site, official forums

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