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Update: City of Heroes Loregasm 2015 Now Taking Questions

Every year since City of Heroes shut down Matt Miller, formerly known as Positron has gone to the City of Heroes community (which is still going strong years after the shutdown) and created the opportunity for former players to ask about the lore. Questions range from what Paragon Studios had planned for the future to little details about the people who occupied Paragon City. Each year finding new questions has been getting harder and harder. But the former City of Heroes developers promise they won’t stop until the questions do.

A Peacebringer at rest is a rare sight.

A Peacebringer at rest is a rare sight.

This week the City of Heroes community will come together to commemorate what would have been the 11th anniversary of the number one superhero MMO. Part of the new tradition is the annual Loregasm hosted by Matt Miller. If you have a City of Heroes lore related question Matt has put together a form you can fill out. But if you do have a question check previous loregasms first to make sure your question hasn’t already been asked. You can find them all on the City of Heroes wiki, Paragonwiki.

To Matt and all the former City of Heroes developers we, the fans thank you for your continued support.



The answers to this year’s Loregasm are now live! The answers may be a little bit harder to find this year as Matt Miller, the man in charge of the Loregasm has changed his twitter account. Thankfully a few eagle eyed fans caught the link to the answers. and now we can share it with you. The questions this year are looking a bit thin, might we be coming to the end of the Loregasm?

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