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Vainglory’s New Hero – Vox

A new hero was unveiled on Vainglory‘s Friday night livestream, bringing Vox, Celeste’s brother, to the free-to-play mobile MOBA’s hero lineup.

Vainglory Adds New Hero - Vox - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Vox is a mobile sniper with a fairly short range, who packs a punch, his main utility being to get in and out very quickly to bring the pain to the opposing team. His build tree allows him to be pretty versatile so that players can adapt to the situation on the battlefield accordingly. He can be more focused on single target, area-of-effect damage, or something in between depending on what’s necessary for the match. Vox can dash, fire attacks in rapid succession, set off a sonic pulse which slows enemies, and release a huge shockwave ultimate attack, and while there is currently no estimated date for Vox’s arrival to the game but you can watch this First Look from Rumbly to see him in action.

The upcoming update will also bring a number of balance changes and brings the spectator mode to Vainglory. This feature allows up to 2 spectators in private party games, which is pretty cool.

Vainglory is available for iOS devices and launched very recently on the Apple App Store.


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