Valve Adjusts Steam Review System After User, Dev Discontent

In case you missed it, Valve changed their Steam review system last week, bringing a number of changes that were meant to prevent score fraud but ended up eliminating from the visible reviews and total scores feedback issued by players with keys acquired outside Steam, either directly from developers or by backing crowdfunding campaigns or purchasing from platforms like the Humble Store.



These updates to the Steam review system impacted smaller game developers already, with chunks of varying proportions of their reviews or scores now hidden, the “damage” being directly proportional with the amount of business that said developers conduct through platforms other than Steam, especially when it came to crowdfunding.

To address the feedback of both developers and players over these changes, Valve tweaked its update, partially reverting to the way reviews used to be displayed. According to the update’s update, all reviews will now be visible by default regardless of the source of a user’s game key. What remains unchanged from last week’s update is the game review score, which will still be calculated based only on the feedback from customers having purchased the game through Steam.


Our Thoughts:

Although this change provoked by strong feedback and reactions is better than nothing, it’s hard to anticipate what will happen next for Steam since Valve stated that the user review system is a work-in progress and more updates are planned for the “helpful” review rating feature. In any case, while we wait to see how the Steam review system evolves, we are happy to see that players buying their games elsewhere are not going to be left on the outside when it comes to their opinions being displayed and taken into account on the Steam platform.

Your Thoughts:

Do you think this partial change solves the problem or is it still insufficient? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Steam news

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