Vote for Official Old School RuneScape Server

RuneScape is a widely-popular free to play, browser based fantasy MMORPG that for many years has evolved and grown with its ever-changing audience. Recently, the community began talking about how much they would love to have a server running one of the ‘old school’ versions of RuneScape, with the 2006 & 2007 versions being the most favoured – this got the devs interest and they decided to see just how far their backups went.

The developers spent many nights sorting through old backups and restoring them to see if there was anything usable, eventually discovering a full snapshot of the game from August 2007. Jagex have stated they are willing to restore this version to some brand new ‘old school’ servers, while also hiring a new team to develop for it. The only thing they need to move forward is your approval, starting tomorrow members will have the option to vote on the official site. To find out more about RuneScape, visit the game page.

Source: Official Post

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