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Walk the City Streets of the Ashes of Creation Metropolis

As revealed previously, Nodes in Ashes of Creation are the epicenter of civilization and the driving force of the narrative in the sandbox MMO. The Ashes of Creation Metropolis, detailed in a new blog post, is the pinnacle of in-game Node advancement.

ashes of creation metropolis

A Metropolis is the maximum level a Node in Ashes of Creation can reach, and not only offers a lot of very tall buildings but world-changing effects. A Scientific Metropolis, for example, can allow for fast travel between Nodes in its Zone of Influence; a feature that is otherwise not available in the game. An Economic Metropolis houses a diverse and much larger market, and so on.

While Metropolises are grandiose places to view and visit, citizens are the ones who reap the most benefit. Citizens are the ones who pay taxes imposed by player leadership, which go to funding efforts such as improved siege defense or a zone-wide bonus, and only citizens can set up a shop or influence a Node’s government. Becoming a citizen of any Node requires a player to own a house, which will automatically improve in quality as a Node grows into a Metropolis.

The blog also touches on the topic of destroying a Metropolis, stating that the feat of sacking one is no mean feat. “We feel that the effort to destroy something must be equitable with the effort to build something,” explains the post. “Because of this, the higher level a Node is, the more difficult and challenging the task of initiating a siege is.”

Ashes of Creation will begin its Kickstarter campaign on Monday, May 1st. You can find out more about Metropolises on the official blog, or watch the video below.

Our Thoughts

The Metropolis sounds a bit like some of the more supermassive structures players have built (and destroyed) in EVE Online. They represent not only central hubs but also the most astonishing achievement in the sandbox, leading to the idea of an MMO with a more “true” endgame goal. While we’d love to know more specifics of what goes into these systems, we’re definitely intrigued by the ideas in this blog post as well as in our interview.

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