War Thunder Adds France to the Lineup

War Thunder is introducing its seventh nation to the game and that nation is none other than France. The French update to the vehicular combat game shows off the unique history of the nation’s air combat designs from the 1930’s all the way to post-war jet fighters.

The French aviation update reportedly arrived through great effort to find enough reference material. “Some of the French planes included in Update 1.73 never entered mass production because of the demands of World War II, so information on them was difficult to source,” explained creative director Kirill Yudintsev. “We spent more than a year in development, searching for various references and painstakingly recreating these rare planes to make War Thunder’s French aviation.”

Those plans include the Dewoitine D.371 – France’s first monoplane design – and the SNCASO SO.8000 Narval, a multi-purpose aircraft that sported a distinct rear-mounted propeller design. In total, players can expect over 30 different aircraft to buzz around in.

The next update to War Thunder has no release date currently, but those who are eager to secure some French aviation hardware can pre-order some in-game packs.

Our Thoughts

By my own admission, the history of French aerial warfare is not exactly my strongest suit. That said, the few example planes that have been highlighted in this upcoming patch’s announcement definitely are unique sounding. We hope War Thunder fans are looking forward to the new nation’s arrival.

Source: press release

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