War Thunder Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary

Five years of blowing one another up in tanks, ships, and airplanes. It’s the War Thunder fifth anniversary and the multiplayer vehicular combat game is marking the occasion with in-game gifts, discounts, and the official arrival of French airplanes.

war thunder fifth anniversary

As seen in the infographic above (click to expand), War Thunder has been busy with its content updates and today’s update 1.73 continues the trend. The “Viva le France” update adds previously detailed French air power to War Thunder, with over 30 unique planes to choose from. The update has also introduced two Premium Italian tanks to the game’s store.

As for the anniversary itself, there’s plenty of free gifts on offer for players. The USA’s M8 Greyhound tank and the USSR’s I-29 fighter are both up for grabs as exclusive anniversary vehicles provided you complete a series of in-game tasks. Competitive players can also vie for a chance at a rare E-100 tank and an exclusive He 162A-1 Volksjäger jet fighter during a special anniversary tournament series.

Information about the anniversary events occurring over the course of the next few days can be found here, details on the fifth anniversary tournament are here, and a video recounting War Thunder’s five years is below.

Our Thoughts

Happy anniversary to War Thunder! We hope that players old and new of this vehicular battler have a great time in-game and rake in all of the rewards that they’re gunning for. If you’ve got any fond (or not-so-fond) experiences with War Thunder, feel free to share them below.

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