War Thunder’s Masters of the Sea Update Brings Battleships, Copters and Xbox One F2P

A pretty large update has gone live for the vehicular combat MMO War Thunder. The Masters of the Sea update has pulled its Naval Forces battleships out of beta and into the full game, along with attack helicopters and the official free to play launch of the game on Xbox One.

masters of the sea update

The primary piece of the Masters of the Sea update, of course, is the 85 different battleships from the United States, Germany and Soviet Union. The mode’s arrival to PC and console players also means more updates to the mode can be worked on, as the devs now focus on bringing Great Britain warships to closed beta.

The seas aren’t the only things being mastered with this update, as the United States, Soviet Union and new German helicopters are also making their way to the game proper. These new vehicles are part of combined arms battles.

Finally, this new update marks the official move of the Xbox One version out of pre-release and into full free to play launch for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The full launch of the game on Xbox One will also allow for cross-play with PC.

There’s quite a bit more in this update overall, so you’ll want to breeze over the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

Yep, that’s a pretty significant chunk of content. We’d love to hear the impressions of those who are playing this new update and your thoughts on the game’s naval battles, attack copters and other matters so feel free to share with us.

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