WAR2 Glory Launches New Server

WAR2 Glory is an older browser-based strategy game that has always managed to maintain a solid playerbase by offering authentic weapons and vehicles. Set in World War II the game stays true to the era and the war, now attracting so many players that the server is running at full capacity. Naturally the publisher of the title, Just A Game, have launched a new server to meet the requirement.

MMO Games WAR2 Glory Screenshot

“Phoenix is a great new addition to the WAR2Glory experience, most importantly because it was something the community demanded through its constant growth,” said Kris Litson, senior game manager.  “A new server is not only a great benefit to current players but is a great way to offer new players a level playing ground to join in on the fun.”

The new server which has been named Phoenix after the Phoenix Breakwaters used in the Normandy landings, offers new players and veteran players a fair playing field to claim the top spots on the leaderboards. With the opportunity to form all new Alliances, players can enjoy what it was like ‘in the early days’. Just A Game has also announced that soon players will be able to take to the oceans, building strongholds in the water.

Visit the WAR2 Glory game page to find out more!

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