Warcraft Director Talks About the Sequels That Could Have Been

Warcraft Director Duncan Jones did an interview with Collider talking about his career as a director and Warcraft got a few very interesting questions in. In it, he talks about the challenges he faced while making Warcraft. He then goes on to talk about what he had imagined Warcraft 2 and 3 would have been like. He then finishes up talking about Warcraft by saying that he doesn’t think anymore will be made. Which is honestly a bit of a surprise considering how popular it was in China. Here are the questions Collider asked and Jones’ answers about Warcraft in full.

What was that experience like going to Netflix when your previous film had been Warcraft, which is this, massive summer blockbuster tent pole?

JONES: I think just hearing now I’m explaining what my experience was.

That’s fair.

JONES: I had just spent three and a half years working on not just one studio film but a film which went through multiple studios. So it was an absolute… The essence of studio filmmaking. I got a chance to experience multiple studios takes on what a film of this size should be on one movie because it was originally. Originally, we were Warner Brothers, I was working with Atlas, I was working with Universal. It was working with Legendary, I was working with Blizzard and obviously Blizzard were very passionate about what film should be because they are who had been with the game for so long and they didn’t want to detract from that. So there were more points as to what the film needed to be. And then Legendary was bought by Wanda while we were making the movie. So it was a unique moment in time for experiencing what kind of craziness studio filmmaking could be.


And yet I feel like Warcraft, one of the things I really love about that movie is that it is just unabashed fantasy. It doesn’t try to Game of Thrones it up. It is very much lived in to just this is fantasy and we’re going to go with it. Did you have sort of a vision of how you wanted to do it?

JONES: I mean, it’s high fantasy. I think anyone who played Warcraft the game is going there for escapism. I bet. So the Warcraft movie was hoping to do is to, is to give it some nice believability in the characters, but to really try to live up to the game. So trying to create a kind of a full fantasy reality—like what exists in a Game of Thrones or even the Lord of the Rings—you’re trying to create a sense of believability, that this place could really exist. That’s not what Warcraft is about. Warcraft is more about high fantasy, something which is very much escapism and something that you would never experience in real life. That’s what we were trying to create, trying to get the balance between that and something which is to camp. It’s really trying to get that, that delicate line.


The movie feels like it’s the start of a larger narrative. Did you sort of know where you wanted to take it had there been sequels?

JONES: Yeah, we would’ve loved to. For me the story was about Gul’dan and taking the false walls. The symbol or the tribe that he was the chief of, taking them away from the world that was dying on setting them up with a, new home on this, planet of Azeroth. And, really that was going to happen through his baby son who’s, for those who are lore junkies, was getting to grow up to be this character called Thrall. So really it was about, that story and everything else was how the orcs left their home world and clear that new home for themselves in Azeroth that was the three film arc I would’ve wanted to follow up.


That seems very timely in terms of, I mean that sounds like an immigration story and one that I think would be pretty relevant. Even within those high fantasy trappings.

JONES: It really would have been pretty special. It’s unfortunate now, you gotta try and go with your harp on these things. I made the film as best I could on the first film hoping that it would connect with an audience. I genuinely think that in retrospect and as time has moved on, people are starting to appreciate the film than maybe the critics did when it first came out but unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to get to make anymore.


You can find the whole interview on Collider.

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