How the Warcraft Movie was Brought to Life

While promoting Lance Armstrong movie, the Program, Ben Foster, who plays wizard Medivh in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, talked about the technology used to bring the game to life.

Warcraft Movie Ben Foster

Foster said that director Duncan Jones combined huge practical sets with cutting edge digital effects to provide an intimacy never seen before in film before.

“Duncan Jones did something very intelligent,” Foster explained. “He made a lot of practical sets, so when you’re in the woods, or the forest, he’s built the forest. When you’re in the castle, he’s built the castle. It’s a huge, huge movie. They invested in pushing technology in a way that I’ve never seen.”

Sounds like a great time! Ben Foster continued to explain that the director truly loves World of Warcraft and knows the game like no other. In fact, basically everyone working on the movie had spent many years of their lives in the amazing Warcraft world. Foster stated that he actually didn’t know anything about the game, and that it was rather intimidating to him. But talking to people who did spend many hours in the game must’ve made the project feel like something extremely special.

Warcraft Movie

“What’s most exciting is that it’s about humanizing the characters,” Foster said. “So if we have a creature, they’re able to track eyes now, and the way eyes dilate. It’s no longer an interpretation; it’s fairly accurate so if these are the windows to the soul [points to eyes], you’re watching a performance come to life. There’s an intimacy that I’ve never seen before in fantasy film. I think Duncan’s done something very special with it.

“I don’t even think this is about a video game. This is about old metaphors, old stories. It’s based in myths, and has some amazing technology advancements that I think people will really dig.”

If anything, Ben Foster sounds incredibly excited about the movie, which further gives us hope that the movie will indeed be something special! The trailer for the movie will be revealed during BlizzCon 2015, so then we’ll get our first real glimpse of what it has to offer.

Source: IGN

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