Warcraft Troll Run for The Trevor Project and Pride Detailed

If you’re at all familiar with the Running of the Gnomes event of years past, then you’re probably familiar with the name of Dravvie. You’re also perhaps familiar with the Warcraft Running of the Trolls, a similarly-styled charity event in support of Pride Month and benefiting a related charity.

warcraft running of the trolls

artwork by Noxychu

The Running of the Trolls will happen this coming Saturday, June 9th on the Feathermoon-US server. The path of the run will start at the Troll starting zone and head to the zeppelins, where runners will ride to Tirisfal. From there, the run will cut through the Plageulands to the Ghostlands portal and end up in Silvermoon City. The run starts at 6pm PST/9pm EST/1am GMT, though participants are asked to arrive that evening or even early afternoon for invites to event-specific guilds.

The event this year is hoping to raise $2,500 in support of The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that provides crisis counseling and suicide prevention assistance for LGBTQ+ individuals under age 25. The Trevor Project provides a number of services including outreach via hotline, text or online chat, suicide prevention training and resources, and community resources.

Those who are interested in joining the run, donating to the cause, or even buying a shirt with the adorable artwork pictured above to support the charity can find all of the details here.

Our Thoughts

Considering how much of an impact the Running of the Gnomes event has made, we’re definitely eager to know how the Running of the Trolls works out. The Trevor Project is an absolutely important nonprofit service in times like these and we want to wish the best of luck to the participants and event organizers. Let’s go, Trolls!

Source: Warcraft subreddit via BlizzardWatch

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