Warframe: “Echoes of the Sentient” Update Drops This Week

Warframe is receiving a major update this week. “Echoes of the Sentient” will launch later this week, bringing a new features and game play.

“Echoes of the Sentient”

In the next few days, Warframe will receive a major update. “Echoes of the Sentient” will feature several new updates and additions, including a new playable race, new parkour abilities, and new weapons.

New Playable Characters

Art by by Artarrwen Warframe

Art by by Artarrwen Warframe

The update will feature a new playable Warframe: the Equinox. Equinox have day and night forms that feature several (seven?) new special abilities.

New Movement System

The newest addition to Warframe is its new movement system. Inspired by parkour jumpers and skateboarders, players can now zoom around the map, climb walls, and “grind” on wires. Players can also double jump and latch onto walls.

New Weapons

Five new weapons will be added upon the patch’s release. The Harpak (this first weapon featured in the game play demo above) is an automatic harpoon gun. Other weapons include The Ack and Brunt (a custom axe and shield), the Grattler (an explosive Archwing cannon), Kulstar (a cluster-rocket launcher), and the Twin Grakatas.

Other Udates

Other updates include new Conclave additions, new Kubrow items, and new character customizations. For details, visit the official Reddit patch notes forum here.


Source: PC Gamer

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