Warframe: The Silver Grove Bringing Changes to Lunaro

The popular sport of Lunaro is getting some new tweaks as part of the upcoming Warframe: The Silver Grove update.


The Silver Grove will see several new additions to Lunaro, including a Steel Meridian-themed map with mid-field ramps and a sideways net, a dedicated Pass button to let Tenno easily pass the Lunaro, and the ability to guard while holding the Lunaro. The update will also introduce an improved matchmaking system and “volunteer servers” in hopes of providing a smoother and more consistent Lunaro game.

The Silver Grove update is set to launch early Friday, August 19th, bringing with it a new Tenno, new customizations and a Glyphs system to tag areas of the game. Details about the content coming to Warframe are available for viewing here.

Our Thoughts

Lunaro seems to have taken off among players of Warframe, and we’re looking forward to the new updates coming to the in-game sport. Adding a Pass button and the ability to defend yourself from being tackled seems like features that should have been included from the beginning, but their inclusion now along with the variety of other features means Lunaro should be even more fun and responsive than ever before.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Silver Grove update? Which feature are you looking forward to most? Tell us below in the comments.

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