World of Tanks League Grand Finals Kicks off This Weekend

Wargaming is happy to announce that their League Grand Finals will kick off this weekend. The Finals are being held in the Multikino Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, Poland, with the festive Opening Ceremony commencing at 12:00 CET on April 4th. The game that will be played in the Tournament is World of Tanks. Roster

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“In its first year, the League has attracted over 200,000 competitive gamers worldwide, becoming a well-recognized brand, comparable to established eSports organizations,” said Mohamed Fadl, eSports Director of Europe and North America at Wargaming. “The Grand Finals in Poland are going to be the ultimate culmination of three seasons of intense competition, and we cannot wait to finally crown our very first world champion.”

World of Tanks in action!

World of Tanks in action!

Teams competing this year will be as followed:, JL Sports, Fnatic, Na’Vi, ARETE and PVP Super Friends. Each regional team with the most points will dive straight into the playoffs, while other six tank squads, including two wildcard teams, will have to fight it out for their own chance of competing in said playoffs The seeding ceremony has been divided into different groups. Group A being: Synergy, Team WUSA, Lemming Train and SIMP, and Group B contains: U Are Dead, The RED Rush: Unity, NOA and Energy Pacemaker.

The three day tournament is sponsored by the likes of Razer, Alienware and PayPal, and will be livestreamed on Twitch. Check out their channel here. People who are attending the finals, will be happy to know that a bunch of goodies, giveaways and bonus codes are going to be handed out. Live stream viewers also have a chance to win invite and bonus codes during match streaming, so keep your eyes out!

World of Tanks

Excited? I know I am.

“Wargaming has elevated military combat gaming with World of Tanks to all new levels, the community around the game is expanding worldwide like wildfire, and the Grand Finals will mark the first time that all the global regions will be united in a single, winner-takes-all tournament,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “With some of the world’s top eSports athletes included among the title’s 80 million registered players, we’re excited to back-up our World of Tanks DeathAdder and Goliathus offerings with support of this year’s World of Tanks grand finale and wish all contestants GLHF.”

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