Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade Class List Announced

Behaviour Interactive has announced the basic class list for Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade. The confirmed classes for now do not cover the Hero or Elite classes, so be sure to check back over the next few months as news is released. For now though, the 18 named classes over the four races have been given out to players.

They are:

Space Marines

·         Tactical Marine
·         Devastator
·         Assault Marine
·         Apothecary


·         Shoota
·         ‘Eavy/Loota
·         Stormboy
·         Painboy

Chaos Space Marines

·         Chaos Space Marine
·         Havoc
·         Raptor
·         Aspiring Sorcerer


·         Dire Avenger
·         Fire Dragon
·         Dark Reaper
·         Swooping Hawk
·         Howling Banshee
·         Striking Scorpion
·         Warlock

As you might imagine there was some confusion over the higher amount of Eldar classes given that the four sides should be somewhat balanced.
Lead Designer Brent Ellison had the following to say which not only dealt with the concerns but also incorporates the flavour and the lore of the Eldar race. Aspect Warriors are, after all, suited to particular aspects of warfare.
A Space Marine class is very flexible – for example a Tactical Marine can be excellent at mid-range anti-infantry with a Boltgun, be a short-range vehicle killer with a Meltagun or take the sniper role with a Stalker Bolter. An Assault Marine performs a very different function depending on whether they equip a Jump Pack or a Storm Shield and a Devastator can be in the front lines with a Multi-Melta or stand far at the back with a Lascannon. They can also modify their accessories to get more accuracy, survivability, etc., in their role.
The unique flavor of Eldar Aspects, on the other hand, is that they are very specialized. A Swooping Hawk’s job is always to fly overhead and take out infantry, while a Dark Reaper tries to stay as far away from their targets as possible. So while the Eldar have as much customization as the other factions, it’s spread across a larger number of classes and there are fewer combat roles per class.
What lays in the future? What classes can we expect to see coming? The Emperors Tarot is quiet for now but there is still plenty of rich lore and vast army lists to explore before launch.
Will we see Terminators in the future? Chaos Obliterators? Perhaps even a Mega Armored Nob or Eldar Exarch. Time will tell.

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