Warhammer 40K Goes MOBA in Dark Nexus Arena

Deep in the labyrinth of the Webway lays Commorragh. This hellish dark city is the capital of the Dark Eldar and home to all of their vices and entertainments.

Somewhere in Commorragh then, we will find the Dark Nexus Arena. Populated with slaves and Wyches, this gladatorial arena is going to see new life pumped into it, only for it to die twitching on the ground. Forces from throughout the galaxy are reporting losses to Dark Eldar raids. Losses who will be forced to battle in this dark arena.

Now that we’ve set the tone, let’s talk about that other dark city in a far flung place, Vancouver. Whitebox Interactive have announced that they are creating Warhammer 40,000 Dark Nexus Arena from their lair in Vancouver. Founded last year this appears to be their first game which they hope to have out “early Q2”.



Warhammer has had an up and down time with video games but since the THQ years things were generally looking up. Now in the space of a short while we’ve had Space Hulk, Mordheim, Vermintide and Eternal Crusade all announced and worked on or released. Each different, an MMO, a two person strategy game and the new Vermintide looks to be very similar to Left4Dead with 4 person co-op.


It was only a matter of time then. Warhammer has been unleashed upon the MOBA genre, or perhaps MOBAs upon it. Time will tell if it becomes a hit or ends up dragged off to the Haemonculi dungeons for an extended torturous death.

What? It’s Warhammer. Go Grimdark or go home.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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