Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade

Warhammer: Eternal Crusade – Games, Parties, and Campaigns Clarified

A recent newsletter by the Warhammer: Eternal Crusade team explained several of the game’s core gameplay mechanics, including game progression, party organization, and Campaigns.

Warhammer Newsletter

It has been a long time since Warhammer last sent out a progress newsletter. Though members of the development team often feature the game on Twitch, a physical text update has been absent for several weeks. Earlier this morning, “State of the Crusade V” was published on the official Eternal Crusade forum, giving insight into several of the game’s core features.

Joining Games



In their newsletter, Behavior outlined the game connection process. Currently, there are three ways in which players can join games: “TO ARMS!,” “MAP,” and “WAR PARTY.” “TO ARMS” puts players directly into a game on a random map. Users that want to get into the action quickly can choose this option for instant immersion. “MAP” gives players an option to pick their  map, and “TO ARMS” lets players create War Party groups fro specific maps.

Match Flow



First, Commander characters enter the battlefield and determine factions and Warlords. If no Commanders step up, a standard character can rise up and become Warlord.

Second, (the Assignment Phase) members of factions join the fight. Each side coordinates and determines an action plan for the battle.

Third, the battle begins. Defenders hold points while Attackers target strongholds and try to overrun them.

From the forum post:

o INDUSTRIAL OUTPOSTS – Following the pipes and comms lines, the Attackers must take a series of points from the Defenders leading up to a central station.

o DEFENSE OUTPOSTS – In order to smash through these heavily-fortified checkpoints, the Attackers push forward, taking positions and destroying anything that gets in their way.

o CIVILIAN OUTPOSTS – Taking refuge in bombed-out cathedrals and government buildings, the Attackers must capture points from the Defenders and hold them to increase their influence.

o STRONGHOLDS – The Defenders are under siege with a limited number of reinforcements. As they hold their walls, gates and chokepoints, the constant onslaught of attackers forces them to fall back deeper into the base where the command station lies.

Upon resolution, the battle ends, and players receive their rewards.



Holding territories in games is great, but real triumph comes in winning Campaigns. Campaigns last a week and reflect both dynamic events and scheduled events. Fro the newsletter:

Each faction has their own set of objectives for the campaign, and factions with lower populations may see fewer objectives or simpler ones. At the end you are judged by the objectives you completed compared to those you were given – no one faction ever “wins” a campaign.

Source: Eternal Crusade

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