Wartile Early Access Available on Steam

If you’re like me, you like miniature tabletop games but don’t have physical friends. That’s where the Wartile early access release could come into play as the tabletop-style strategy title arrives on Steam for fans who like minifig battle but don’t have nearby friends.

wartile early access

Wartile is a single-player and multiplayer strategy game that offers a self-described “strong turn-based flavor” steeped in Viking lore. Players command a variety of melee and ranged units across hexagonal dioramas that include mountains, forests and more to complete objectives.

Figures can be customized pre-battle with armor, weapons, and stat tokens that are earned through completion of special challenges. In addition, a variety of Ability Cards and Godly Cards can also be selected, which can be used during the battle to help turn the tide. Movement plays out in real-time in a way to simulate the experience of physical tabletop action.

The full release of the game is planned to have more figures, more diverse Battle Boards including English coastlines and Norwegian mountains, and additional combat refinements such as environment modifiers and more cards. Early access is slated to run approximately eight to nine months.

Wartile is offering a 10% discount until March 24th and will be using Steam Early Access so that players can help the devs “realize the full potential of Wartile” according to its Steam page. You can check out Wartile in action in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Wartile could be a breakout title in the RTS genre with its simulation of minifigure gameplay. Of course, that all depending on how the game’s combat plays out and how big of a difference the stated cards make. When it comes to strategy games, balance is key, so we’re hoping that the devs of Wartile will be able to offer up a fun and fair RTS.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Wartile? Is this a game you’re interested in, or do you prefer to play with actual minifigures? Will you be checking out the early access or are you waiting on the full release instead? Let us know in the comments.

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