WEBZEN is Bringing ASTA to the West

Straight from Seoul, Korea comes ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds, a vibrant fantasy MMORPG from Polygon Games.


You may have heard of it as we recently reported that it closed down in South Korea, but now WEBZEN are bringing it to a Western audience later this year with a new lease of life!

ASTA will be free to play and players can expect a traditionally styled MMORPG inspired by Asian culture with unique Asian fantasy elements. The game features a variety of races, classes, and characters, as well as all of the “expected” MMO features such as PvP battlegrounds and guild battles, a crafting system, scenarios and quests to guide you through the game’s story and lore, a player-driven economy, and PvE dungeons.

With a rich soundtrack from composer Yang Bang-ean, who is known for his work on Aion’s gorgeous soundtrack, which interweaves themes of Eastern harmony with Western instruments setting the ‘Asian Fantasy’ atmosphere.

The Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, Richard Sunmyoung Moon, had this to say: “We are very pleased to bring this new game to MMO enthusiasts in the West through our portal. Having years of service experience with free-to-play MMO games, we will work along with the developer to continuously localise and develop the game for the Western market.” And went on to add: “We will announce a schedule for the title soon, and reveal more details regarding the lore and the game systems, as well as some truly stunning in-game assets.”


Source: Press Release

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