This Week in Eve April 10-17, 2015: Betrayal in Catch

News From New Eden


CFC Disbands and is Reborn as The Imperium

Two days ago, The MIttani, CEO of the Goonswarm Federation and leader of the Clusterfuck Coalition, declared in a statement made on his own website that the CFC would be disbanding and reforming as The Imperium. The change in name is not merely an aesthetic one either, as the new coalition looks to reevaluate past alliances and diplomatic ties in part of a new vision.

“It’s the Rapture and some folks who don’t appreciate the State’s path of unity, discipline and victory are going to be left the fuck behind,” The Mittani said in his address.

The Mittani continues his address, discussing CFC’s rise to power and the Coalition’s prospects when it was initially formed.

“The CFC began as a rag-tag group of allies of convenience, thrown together by circumstance and geography in the aftermath of a power vacuum,” The Mittani said, before adding, “Who deserves the credit for transforming these disparate groups into the coalition which repeatedly won Eve Online? Vile Rat and his brainchild, Corps Diplomatique – and then after our friend’s senseless murder, the tireless efforts of his protege, Sion Kumitomo.”

For those of you unaware, Sean Smith, better known as Vile Rat, was, apart from being a prominent member of CFC and the EVE community in general, one of the US diplomants murdered during the Benghazi attack in Libya on September 11, 2012.


The Mittani then continues on, in his grandiose manner, to describe how the CFC was reformed and evolved to become one of the prominent power houses, drawing comparisons to many of science fiction’s greatest empires.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this address, and The Imperium’s new vision, is a proclamation that the new coalition would support prominent role-player Max Singularity as the true Emperor of the NPC Amarr Empire.

“Anyone in New Eden declaring for the False Empress Jamyl will be violently disabused of their heresy and their territory forfeit,” The Mittani warned, though it remains to be seen to what end The Imperium will back up his words.

This new degree of role-play is certainly going to stir the hornets nest as Imperium enemies flock to their “false idols” and The Imperium undoubtedly begins enforcing worship of their new Emperor across the stars of New Eden.


Failed Coup in Brave Alliance Results in Massive Drama

The morning of April 6 was likely not a good day for Lychton Kondur. As alliance executor of the Brave Collective, a key alliance in the HERO Coalition, Lychton woke up Monday morning to find that during the night he had been voted out of power and his corporation, Tactical Logistics Squadron, had been replaced as the executor corporation by another’s: Nerd Panic.

In the days that followed this initial betrayal, the EVE community has lit up like a lighthouse, as misinformation, dramatic speeches, and meme’s continue to clog many prominent EVE forums, blogs, and in-game channels of communication; and people struggle to see through the fog of war.

Further confusing matters, a counter-coup, with the goal of reinstating Lychton Kondur, has also risen in the ashes of the initial coup and stoked the fires of scandal even further. While key members of the counter-coup remain largely anonymous, a post was made on Reddit’s Brave Newbies subreddit, that attempted to pin the entire ordeal on key alliance member Anna Niedostepny.

With many understandably rushing to grab the popcorn and watch the powder keg continue to erupt, an end to the drama remains to be seen, leaving many in the lower echelons of Brave asking, “What’s next?”

Despite the endless haze of rumors and propaganda, many details have become more apparent, including the extremely poor timing behind the emergency evacuation of Catch — an area of space that Brave held sovereignty over and was fighting to defend from rival alliance Pandemic Legion.

The evacuation was ordered while Lychton was out of the country attending EVE Online’s annual Fanfest by second-in-command, Liquid Drisseg. Many of the towers and territorial claim units that Brave owned and operated in Catch were reinforced (made invincible until a countdown ran out, allowing the assaulting Pandemic Legion to finally destroy them), and it seemed like the region would soon be lost. That is, until Elise Randolph, a member of Pandemic Legion, spilled the beans about a backroom agreement between Lychton and Pandemic Legion’s top brass.

EVE Online - Taking a Class 2

“The reason we were so surprised when [Brave] publicly announced they were evacuating and not saving any timers is because we had made an agreement on March 20th to take no final timers from [Brave]” Elise stated in a post on Reddit. “It included a few other things, as well. The agreement was valid from March 20 to April 19, but there was a stipulation that the contract would be voided if Brave stopped showing up to timers or left the region…”

“So when Lychton was able to say – with certainty – that stations wouldn’t be lost so long as Brave popped back for final timers it’s because there was an arrangement in place.”

Despite losing the war in Catch, it seems that Lychton had struck a bargain with Pandemic’s leadership buying the alliance time to get their act together and figure out a new plan. It seems most likely that the plan was made with the intention of drawing out hostilities between the two alliances in service of “good fights”.  All of that was spoiled when Liquid went over Lychton’s head and ordered the evacuation, thus abandoning the towers and voiding the contract.

If you’re having trouble following I don’t blame you. The fireworks show continues to dazzle, and every time you think a climax has been reached, another big burst of drama goes off.

I’m sure I’ll be continuing to report on the drama as it unfolds in the coming weeks, but for now we can take solace that at least some of the dust has begun to finally settle. In an address to the HERO Coalition via, Lychton Kondur openly discussed many of the alliance’s leadership problems and shed some light on what had happened. Since then, Lychton has been restored to power (though he has stepped aside during this time to focus on picking up the pieces) and has addressed those that initially voted him out. During his address, Lychton said he bore many of the CEOs who help stage the coup no ill will. To Malanek, the person who replaced Lychton during the coup, he said he believed he was merely a pawn and held no hard feelings.

That good will failed to extend to two key members in the plot, however, as both Liquid Drisseg and Anna Niedostepny were both put at the mercy of Lychton. Liquid was spared, but forced to relinquish any alliance assets that were under his personal care — worth 100 billion ISK (roughly $2400 USD). Anna? She wasn’t so lucky. After airing a hotel’s worth of dirty laundry that has been building between the two, Lychton then announced that Anna would be removed from the alliance immediately. Lychton’s trust in her was gone, and soon she would be too.

Before wrapping up the address, Lychton, perhaps wanting to stir the pot one last time, dropped this bomb on his audience: “You come at the King, you better not miss. Seven-oh. Lychton Kondur, out.”


Developer Blogs


Null Security Mining Revamp

In a developer blog post made on the forums on April 14th, CCP Fozzie detailed plans to initiate significant changes to Null Security mining as part of their April patch release.

“These changes are intended to make Nullsec more self sufficient then it is currently,” CCP Fozzie began the post by saying. “We continue to believe that no area of space should be completely independent of any other, but there is a lot of room to make nullsec more self sufficient and improve the opportunities for zero-sec miners and industrialists.”

CCP Fozzie then detailed the specifics of their changes, including upping the consumption of various null-sec ores in manufacturing, which will, in turn, create a greater demand for those minerals. CCP also has plans to rebalance the mineral content of specific null and low-sec ores as well as ore content of mining anomalies generated by the Ore Prospecting Array.

The changes are small, and for many too little to make a significant effect. As it stands, it seems that high security space still dominates as the ultimate source for many of EVE’s necessary minerals.


Alliance Logos Are Open for Submission (Again)

Last year, CCP put the ability to submit custom logos for use as an alliance on hold after encountering several issues related to ownership of said logos and a need to protect the intellectual property of EVE Online. Now, after a lengthy review process, the ability for alliances to submit logos for use in-game has been reinstated, with some major changes.

In a recent developer blog, CCP Falcon discussed how during the review process, the team considered implementing a system similar to how corporation logos are handled; forcing players to create logos from a template of patterns and colors. But ultimately, the team felt it best to give players as much freedom as possible when choosing how to represent their alliance.

“After a little experimentation, we feel that the best course of action is to continue to allow organizations in EVE Online to create a unique identity within New Eden by using player submitted content for alliance logos,” CCP Falcon wrote.

Perhaps the biggest (and smallest) change will be the watermarking of logos for use in game. CCP Falcon describes this process as taking the original submission and adding a small watermark to create a derivative work which will be owned by CCP. This watermarked logo will be packaged in the game, while an alliance will retain the rights to the actual design.


CCP Falcon then went on to discuss some of the new selection criteria that logos will be filtered through. Looking at the list, it seems that many of them stem from a desire for CCP to maintain a constant theme for EVE Online.

“Alliance logos should be designed so that they look and feel like they belong within the futuristic, dark and dystopian EVE universe.”

The list also goes on to detail several things logos must not include, including national, political, or religious symbolism. Copyrighted material will, of course, not be allowed.

These changes will also bring about a purge of all existing alliance logos within the game, as those logos will need to be resubmitted for approval and have the watermark applied to them.

CCP Falcon states, “the wait for your alliance logo to be displayed in game could be as short as 3-5 weeks depending on the release schedule, when you submit the logo, and how busy the submission queue is.”


Kill of the Week


Avatar Down in the Galeh System

This Kill of the Week is a shoe in. An Avatar, one of the biggest, most expensive ships in EVE Online was downed in the low security system of Galeh on April 9. The Titan class super-capital ship was found travelling alone, before being promptly pinned down by members of REKT.

In the video that was provided by members of HAX (a corporation within REKT), we can see the fleet forming up before getting the jump on the Avatar. Listen to the opening seconds and you can hear the fleet commander relay orders back and forth between his scouts who have snuck up on the behemoth. Then, using their own super capital’s ability to jump between systems, REKT jumps and lands right on top of the Avatar as it attempts to enter the protection of a forcefield. The Avatar’s efforts are in vain as REKT melts through it’s shield and armor before finally dealing the killing blow against the capital ship.


Looking at the kill report for the Avatar we can see the ship and modules totalled a whopping 1.09 billion ISK. For perspective, remember when I said a few paragraphs back that Liquid was forced to return a 100 billion ISK worth of assets to Brave? More curious even, are the modules that the Avatar was fit with. The fact that the super capital was caught outside of protective shields using modules meant for boosting it’s energy output (known as capacitor) has raised more than a few eyebrows. Regardless, REKT deserves a pat on the back for managing to grab such a wonderful kill.


Well that wraps up our first edition of our EVE News Roundup. Betrayal on a galactic scale, minor adjustments to mining, and a massive ship going down in flames? Sounds like an average week in EVE Online. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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