This Week in EVE: May 15-22, 2015

Welcome back to another edition of This Week in EVE! Things seem to have slowed down recently as pilots settle into Mosaic and await the release of the sovereignty updates due out in next month’s Carnyx update. But that doesn’t mean the galaxy has stopped spinning! Ships blew up, an Alliance Tournament is on the horizon, and recent developments with regards to labor in Iceland might make for an interesting summer.

News from New Eden

Imperium Sets Trap for Out of Sight Using Titans

The Venal region has been home to some bloody battles these past weeks as the feud between Circle-of-Two and Out of Sight continues to heat up. Both alliances have contested the region and consider it their home, and, for the past few months, both alliances have been embroiled in a bitter conflict to win it from the other.

That conflict came to a head last week when Circle-of-Two assaulted an Out of Sight tech moon in the system of 8CIX. Though the initial siege failed to provide any fights, the real battle would be had when the tower exited its invulnerability period right before the servers would enter their daily downtime.

Saintfrusquin, piloting a Ragnarok not unlike the one he had lost to Out of Sight earlier in the year, was ready the moment the tower was vulnerable. The Imperium Capital pilot had extensive experience battling against Out of Sight, and knew that the alliance would be enlisting the aid of a triage Thanatos to help repair the tower.

In an interview with, Saintfrusquin described that he had encountered this Thanatos three times before, each time failing to secure a kill. Using a Stabber fit with a 100MN afterburner, the triage Thanatos would utilize EVE‘s wonky ship collision physics to have the tiny vessel ram his ship at high speeds, pushing it within the protective shielding of the tower the moment Saintfrusquin triggered his doomsday weapon.

To counter this, Saintfrusquin jumped his Ragnarok to the tower along with a bomber that he used to tackle the 100MN Stabber, rendering it useless and allowing Saintfrusquin to land the doomsday blast on the triage Thanatos.

EVE Online - Titians

At this point, Saintfrusquin knew he was in trouble. He just jumped his lone Ragnarok into a hostile system, but the experienced pilot was more than ready. Intel had tipped him off to the fact that Out of Sight were looking to bait him, and Saintfrusquin rightly guessed that a force of Dreadnoughts were on standby waiting to punish him for his eagerness.

As Out of Sight Dreadnoughts began jumping into the system one by one, Saintfrusquin lit his own cyno beacon and drew in his waiting force of Titans. The trappers had become the prey.

The battle was over in the blink of an eye. Fourteen Imperium Titans landed and began melting the Out of Sight Dreadnoughts one after another. The field was covered in warp disruption bubbles that prevented any of the Capital ships from escaping, Out of Sight was trapped in their own net.

In the end, the ambush and the counter-ambush cost the Imperium seven Dreadnoughts while Out of Sight and their allies, Black Legion and Bora Alis, had their fleets decimated. In total they lost 17 Dreadnoughts and 3 Carriers resulting in a total loss of a staggering 100 Billion ISK.


Videos of the Week

The Scope – Further Turmoil in New Eden

This week we have some awesome PVP videos to showcase, but first I wanted to start by including this video from The Scope, CCP’s own pseudo-news agency reporting on in-game developments paving the way for the Carnyx release this June!

Springing the Trap and Getting out Alive

Ganking in wormholes can be a tricky affair, especially because you can never be entirely sure that there aren’t more enemies just waiting to get the jump on you. Exit Strategy, a wormhole alliance, found a group of wormholers running a PVE Sleeper site using Capitals to escalate and cause more enemies to spawn on the field.

With minutes to go before downtime, Exit Strategy sprung their trap, landing on grid and doing what they could to bring down their victim’s Capitals. Realizing that they lack the DPS to bring down the Naglfar, they brought in their own Dreadnought to finish the job. With their enemies destroyed, the fleet now faced the overwhelming opposition of the NPC Sleepers and their ire. Just after losing a Guardian, the team managed to use a mobile warp jump unit to break free of the Sleeper site and exit safely. It’s a crazy cool video.

Four Gilas Take on Solar Fleet

I’m a big fan of videos showcasing incredible skill in PVP, especially in the face of overwhelming odds. This is just the case when a group of Russians took on Solar Fleet with only four Gilas. With superior positioning and admirable use of hit and run tactics, the crew managed to punch way above their class. Definitely worth watching.

Developer Blogs and Other News

Signing up for the Alliance Tournament XIII

Signups for the Alliance Tournament XIII are officially open! The greatest test of might in EVE Online is quickly approaching, and late last week CCP unveiled a blog detailing all of the changes and rules for this year’s Tournament.

Alliances interested in joining need to get their Executor to fill out an application. Last years top 16 are also eligible to buy into the Tournament at the price of 5 plex (roughly 4 billion ISK or $100 USD).

The Tournament will be happening during the last three weekends in August, and will be continuing with last year’s point model to decide victors. Each alliance can field 12 ships on the field, each ship will be assigned points based on its capabilities and value, and alliance’s cannot spend more than 100 points on their fleet. A round of bans will happen before ship selections are made, similar to tournament MOBA rules, allowing teams to strategize and have some say in what their enemies won’t be flying.

For a full list of rules, be sure to check out the developer blog which covers just about every aspect. We’ll have more information and coverage to share in the coming weeks.


Forced Strikes in Iceland May Disrupt CCP

In April, Iceland saw a breakdown in negotiations happening with the Federation of General and Special Workers, which encompasses a total of 19 Icelandic labor unions. The Federation voted to extend mass strikes in the country in an effort to increase the base salary of workers for the labor organizations.

While CCP itself has attempted to discourage any of its employees from joining the unions, any unionized employee will be required to partake in the forced strike. The other issue at hand is the large amount of foreign employees CCP no doubt has, which, according to Icelandic labor laws, must participate in the collective bargaining.

While CCP itself hasn’t offered any information on how the strikes may be affecting them internally, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect the studio to feel a little empty in the following months as employees are pulled from their desks.

I’d be shocked if this led to anything drastic, even so much as a delay in the upcoming Carnyx update due this June, but without more information that remains to be just speculation. If the situation develops further in the coming months, I’ll be sure to keep you apprised of the details!

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