This Week in EVE: May 22-29th, 2015

There is only a handful of days left until June, do you know what that means? No, not mojitos and bikinis—I’m talking about summer! And you know what summer means? The release of Carnyx, the update that looks to rock the world of New Eden. This Week in EVE we’re taking things slow, as players have seemed to lull into the calm before the storm. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have your usual weekly dose of carnage, videos, and, of course, heartbreaking billion ISK kills. Strap up, pilots! Things are about to get toasty.


News from New Eden

Triumvirate Ragnarok Destroyed By Accident

MOMEHT uCTuHbI probably wasn’t having the greatest evening on May 27th. Sitting in his Ragnarok, one of EVE‘s largest and most expensive ships, he made a simple mistake that cost him not only his ship, but his life.

It’s a story that has happened hundreds of times, a titan pilot accidentally warps his ship into enemy territory instead of creating a bridge for his fleet to ferry through. In fact, before last year’s Bloodbath of B-R5RB, the bloodiest conflict in EVE history, the game’s largest battle was sparked by the same mistake. The Battle of Asakai, which broke major news headlines when it led to an unprecedented $15,000 USD loss, all started when a pilot accidentally jumped his titan into enemy territory instead of using it as a bridge to warp his fleet in.

The sun wouldn’t rise on May 28th to another galaxy wide conflict, but that doesn’t mean the mistake was any less gutting.

EVE Online - Ragnarok Wreck

On a roam, NCDOT pilots found a wormhole leading to QRH-BF, a null-sec system that, at the time, was home to over 50 active pilots. Curious, NCDOT scouted the system to find that Intrepid Crossing, a null-sec alliance, were sieging an Advent of Fate starbase with several carriers and dreadnoughts.

NCDOT couldn’t resist the opportunity and began forming a Proteus fleet in order to engage Intrepid Crossing and pin them against the tower shields. Unfortunately, before NCDOT could muster their forces, Intrepid Crossing had fled the scene. Not ready to give up on the potential conflict just yet, the NCDOT Fleet Commander, Travis Musgrat, ordered several of his pilots to warp interdiction ships onto the battlefield and logout to conceal their positions. If Intrepid Crossing attempted to reengage the starbase, they would find themselves trapped.

Intrepid Crossing should have quit while they were ahead, but before long the carriers and dreadnoughts were back in system and warping towards the now boobytrapped Advent of Fate starbase. As they landed, Travis Musgrat ordered his interdiction pilots to log back in and immediately begin seeding the battlefield with interdiction bubbles to prevent ships from fleeing. Intrepid was soon trapped and NCDOT was bringing down the hammer.

As Intrepid Crossing ships began melting before the firepower of NCDOT’s Proteus fleet, the alliance reached out to allies within Triumvirate to come and reinforce them. Triumvirate hastily gathered a Rattlesnake fleet and gathered up on MOMEHT uCTuHbI in his titan so that he could bridge them into the system.

Things went spectacularly wrong. MOMEHT misclicked and in a flash his titan warped into the heat of the conflict, leaving the Rattlesnake fleet abandoned a dozen jumps away.

You should watch this video of the moment it happens. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Without a reinforcement fleet, Intrepid Crossing were obliterated, and as the last of their ships began to buckle under the weight of NCDOT, MOMEHT’s lone Ragnarok appeared on the field.

The moment was captured by an NCDOT pilot, just be sure to skip to 3:20.

“Uhh… Ragnarok?”

As NCDOT began focusing their aggression on the lone Ragnarok, the Triumvirate fleet scrambled to take the scenic route to the battle. Meanwhile, unable to contend with the tank of the Ragnarok, NCDOT began enlisting the help of nearby allies to come to the battle and help them finish the fight. The battle escalated for a short time, but as NCDOT allies began pouring into the system, it became apparent that Triumvirate and Intrepid Crossing lacked the manpower.

As the Ragnarok finally began to lose shields and armor, MOMEHT initiated his self-destruct timer. He was dead before it could go off. One hundred billion ISK gone because of a simple misclick—now if that isn’t EVE Online, I don’t know what is!

Donate to Cancer and Blow up a Titan

You don’t exactly have to take a thousand person poll to find someone who has had their life impacted by cancer in some form. That is precisely why donating or giving your time is so crucial in helping find ways to stop such a terrible, yet all too common disease—which is exactly what one EVE Online player is doing.

The Leukemia Cup Regatta is a yearly boating event with the purpose of raising money to fund blood cancer research. For three years, Dovinian, an EVE player, has been participating with his family to raise money for the event. His involvement is personal, as his brother had been diagnosed with Leukemia several years prior, though fortunately he recovered and remains healthy.

This year, Dovinian is looking to raise awareness for the Regatta. His alliance, TEST, is already an official sponsor of the event, but Dovinian wants to bring in more money than ever before, and he’s going to blow up the most expensive thing in the game in order to do it.

Should donations reach $10,000, Dovinian has committed to allowing his prized titan to be blown up in celebration! If you’ve ever wanted to get your name on a titan kill report, or you just feel like doing your part, you can head over to Dovinian’s page and donate!

You Should Watch This

This week we have the usual roundup of awesome videos to watch, but you should also pour a big mug of tea, close your eyes, and lean back in your chair and listen to the Carnyx Theme that was released this week. As with all theme songs accompanying updates, it’s awesome.

Fan made Jackdaw Teaser is Better Than Most Car Commercials

Seriously, EVE Online is home to some of the best fan made movies ever, and this one is no different. Boasting quality that rivals any car commercial I’ve ever seen, this little teaser showcases the Jackdaw and its new transformations. The Caldari tactical destroyer should be in our hands soon—we can’t wait to blow stuff up while feeling like we’re flying the Mercedes Benz of ships.

The Scope – Jackdaw Enters Caldari Navy Service

Okay, okay. Busted. I really like the Jackdaw. I mean, what isn’t to love? The new tactical destroyers are powerhouses that, in the right hands, can punch well above their class. What I enjoy about this video, however, isn’t just the Jackdaw, but the eye-candy Hectate that is unveiled in the second half. The specifics of the Gallente tactical destroyer haven’t been detailed yet, but as a Gallente pilot, I cannot help but get overly excited at the notion of one day flying that beautiful ship.

Small Gang PVP Against Crazy Odds

What week wouldn’t be complete without a PVP video? This week, we’re watching some incredible small gang action, but what I love so much about this video is the sheer mastery that the pilot displays in the face of overwhelming odds. While the video itself is sped up, you can still appreciate how many things the pilot is juggling at once. While toggling shields and missiles on and off, he is also managing his capacitor, shield levels, and having to select targets and choose primaries during moments where he is outnumbered five to one. Incredible!

Carnyx Theme Music Release – Yes, It’s Awesome

The theme music for Carnyx has been unveiled this week by CCP, which you can listen to by clicking the link. Of course, if you were expecting anything other than spacey synth pads you will be sorely disappointed. I’ve always had a soft spot for EVE‘s music, myself.

Kill of the Week

Jita Haulers Loses 40 Billion to Gankers

You know what? I’m a pretty generous guy. So what if, this week I went above and beyond and gave you not one kill of the week but two. Bam!

EVE Online - Obelisk Killmail 1EVE Online - Obelisk Killmail 2

Imagine if you will, what it would be like to go to the bank or grocery store, and as you approached, there were just hundreds of criminals eying you up. Each of them thinking about whether or not attacking you is worth the risk. It’d be terrifying!

Well now you know what it is like flying to EVE‘s largest tradehub, Jita. At every gate, there is typically a small host of pilots watching and waiting patiently for that one person who thought they could be sneaky and haul good well above their ships value. This week, two pilots in the same corporation had that silly notion, and together they paid dearly—to the tune of 40 billion ISK.

Both pilots, Cumac and SmokenShwag, were flying Obelisks without adequate defenses, carrying billions in their cargo as they were jumped within Jita and promptly blown up by members of Goonswarm Federation.

What takes this disastrous occasion to even higher realms of ludicrous, is that one of the Obelisks was carrying 42 Geckos, limited edition heavy drones that were given out as a birthday celebration for EVE last year.

This whole debacle could have been avoided by one of several ways. Why these pilots didn’t divide their haul into several trips or contract it out in portions to a corporation like, I don’t know, Red Frog Freight we will never know. I guess it’s just the circle of life in New Eden. Hopefully these pilots think twice before undocking with 20 billion in assets next time.

That wraps up another edition of This Week in EVE! Thanks for tuning in and be sure to leave a comment and check back next week! If you haven’t already, you should read last week’s Final Frontier for more awesome EVE Online goodness!

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