This Week in EVE: May 8-15, 2015

Hello Internet and welcome to this weeks edition of This Week in EVE; our weekly roundup of all the latest happenings in New Eden. This week we’ll be talking about a convoy of Titans that got ambushed, a very expensive Golem going up in smoke, and taking a look at the new Caldari Tech 3 Destroyer!


News From New Eden


Imperium Super Capitals Ambushed While Moving

Few things in EVE require as much coordination and effort as moving Titans. These behemoths, despite their dominance on the battlefield, are incredibly cumbersome, slow, and require a concerted effort in order to protect them when they’re on the move. Of course, you could always just move them without taking the proper precautions, but the results are almost always disastrous.

With changes to sovereignty mechanics looming in the next month, The Imperium has relinquished control of Fountain to the HERO Coalition. As part of this move, The Imperium has been ferrying forces out of the region for the past two weeks. HERO, however, haven’t exactly had an easy go of things as the change in ownership has brought about a growing conflict with Black Legion, who also have plans to colonize Fountain.

A Black Legion spy was able to confirm that an Imperium move operation was planned for Saturday, and Black Legion began preparations by seeding the area with Interdictor pilots (capable of tackling ships and preventing them from escaping) and Dreadnoughts (ships great at killing Capitals).

On May 9th, Black Legions preparations paid off when The Imperium fleet jumped into KVN-36 and were promptly tackled by the waiting Black Legion fleet supported by the Fountain Core Coalition. Fountain Core interdictors were quick to cover the area in interdiction bubbles. Black Legion assembled their Dreadnoughts and a Tengu fleet and began moving towards the area.

Two Titan-class Erebus were the first to melt under the overwhelming firepower of 40 Black Legion Dreadnoughts, followed shortly thereafter by two Supercarrier Nyxs.

HERO Coalition arrived on the scene to help reinforce the ambushed Imperium fleet, but it was too late. By the time they arrived Black Legion had already destroyed most of the Capitals on the field.  An Imperium Aeon remained, but due to the battle spreading outward, was out of range for many Black Legion Dreadnoughts who decided to evacuate while a volunteer force stayed behind to attempt to kill the Aeon.

As the kill reports began filtering in, it became evident that Black Legion had destroyed many of the Capitals which were fit for travelling and not combat, making them easy prey. At the end of the day, The Imperium lost a whopping 450 billion ISK worth of ships, while Black Legion and Fountain Core only lost 50 billion by comparison. The ambush was a resounding success for the Fountain alliance.


Pilot Self-destructs a Titan in Protest

You want drama? How about someone self-destructing an incredibly expensive Titan over grievances between alliance leadership? On May 12th, that exact thing happened when Angust 800, a player within Fidealas Constans detonated his Titan. Allegedly, the act was done in protest of a decision by alliance leadership to allow anyone in the corporation to online/offline modules for starbases and towers.

The Titan was funded personally, but it represents a massive loss for Fidealas Constans. Because the Titan wasn’t involved in any act of aggression, no kill report was created for the loss. However, a ship fitting that supposedly contained the modules with the Titan when it went up in smoke was posted, and let me tell you, the bill was not cheap.

Angust 800 appears to be Polish, and at this moment details are scarce, though reaction to the incident seems to range from confused to downright angry.

EVENews24 spoke with the Alliance Executor, Tarkinius, who had this to say: “Dude went crazy, decided to go out with a flourish. I have no idea what he was upset about, it was probably a corporate level thing. I believe he is already kicked or left.”

A rather anti-climatic video of the self-destruct can be found below:


Videos of the Week


EVE Online – The Museum of Modern Art Exhibit

In 2013, CCP created a video as part of its exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The game was selected along with 13 other candidates. Those considered tended to be classics like Tetris, but also included relatively recent successes like Valve’s Portal.

This week, that video was released to the general public on EVE Online‘s YouTube channel which you can view below. The video is incredible, detailing the intricacies of the EVE community and highlighting some of the game’s most unique aspects.


Stratios Stalks Its Prey

This wouldn’t be This Week in EVE if we didn’t showcase some awesome PVP. This one, discovered by EVENews24, is particularly interesting because of the more relaxed nature of the conflict. Often, PVP videos are sped up because engagements can last upwards of an hour and are often more fun to play than to watch. In this case however, I wanted to show this video because it provides an interesting insight to stalking a target in EVE and how meticulous the pilot is. Notice how he uses the built-in internet browser to gather intel on the pilot before choosing to engage?

Once the conflict starts, however, things end pretty quickly. The Stratios our pilot flies has a large drone bay capable of fielding several heavy hitters. That, in addition to his capacitor neutralizers, means he quickly chews through the Tengu once it runs out of energy to replenish its shield.

This stealthy form of PVP can be some of the most rewarding, but it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge to be consistently successful at it.


Kill of the Week


Golem Worth 24 Billion Isk Ganked in High-sec

For those unfamiliar with the nuance of EVE, there exists a sort of schism in the mentality of many of its pilots—a rift if you will. On one side, there are the players who would claim that they play EVE as it is intended to be played, on the other side, players who approach the game with a mindset more common in traditional MMOs. Interesting things happen when these sides mix. Those who prefer the safety of high security space and avoid PVP like the plague, usually preferring EVE‘s industrial aspects, are commonly referred to as “carebears”. It’s a derogatory term used to highlight the risk averse nature of these players.

For many, EVE Online is a game to be played like every MMO: get the best equipment with the highest numbers and have fun with it. What these players so often fail to realize is that in doing so, you also paint a massive target on your back.

EVE Online - Golem

On May 9th, a Marauder class Golem was destroyed by four Tornadoes. It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again, but when the kill report came in indicating that those Tornadoes just took down a ship worth 24 billion ISK? Now that’s not something you see everyday.

The hyper-expensive officer mods, one of them costing 11 billion alone, were not enough to save the ship from the suicide gankers wrath as they managed to destroy it in a single volley.

The Mittani were able to reach out to the pilot, who had this to say, “I was attacked by a suicide group when I reached the gate. the ship was destroyed within 1 second and it was not honorable for them. They are jita suicide terriorists(sic), they should be purged.”

Developer Blogs and News


CCP Extends Plex for Good Campaign in Light of Recent Earthquaks

In the wake of the massive earthquake that ravaged Nepal on April 25th, CCP announced the Plex for Good campaign. The campaign saw CCP donate $15 for every Plex (worth roughly the same) towards relief efforts for the Himalayan nation. That campaign was intended to end on midnight of Friday May 15th, but has been extended due to a second 7.3 Earthquake which hit on May 12th. The campaign, which has so far raised $61,000 USD has been extended until midnight of May 24th.

Players looking to donate can do so by creating a private item transfer contract to CCP Plex For GOOD.

Caldari Tech 3 Destroyer, The Jackdaw, Stats Announced

EVE Online - Jackdaw

A post on the EVE forums late last week detailed the stats behind the new Tech 3 Caldari Destroyer. Named the Jackdaw, this missile boat is sporting some pretty interesting numbers. For starters, the ship has a bonus to its inertia modifier rather than a base rate of speed when in propulsion mode. The idea here that rather than run away and kite enemies at a distance, CCP would rather see pilots fly the ship with skill and agility.

Tech 3 Destroyers have become incredibly popular since the first two were announced late last year. Since then, the Svipul and Confessor have been the go to ships for pilots looking for on-the-fly adaptability from their ships.

Tech 3 Destroyers are unique to EVE because of their ability to swap between several modes depending on the situation. Sharpshooter, defensive, and propulsion modes each serve their specific purpose, and when a Destroyer is in that mode, the bonuses it receives are unmatched by similar ships.

I’m looking forward to jumping into the Jackdaw in the next few weeks, be sure to stay tuned as I give some of my impressions on the vessel once it is officially released. In the meantime, why not enjoy this awesome video demonstrating the various modes the ship can transform into!


That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading and as always, be sure to leave a comment or question! Fly safe!


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