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White Supremacists Recruit in Fortnite, Minecraft, and Other Online Titles

We’ve heard before that white supremacy groups recruit in online games but now thanks to a recent AMA we’ve learned that white supremacists recruit in Fortnite, Minecraft, COD, and other online games. The AMA was with Christian Piccolini, a former member of neo-Nazi groups in the United States. These days Christian is a peace advocate and he decided to take to Reddit to answer questions about the current political environment in America.

In the AMA a question is asked about predatory behavior on poor and disenfranchised youth used to recruit new members. Piccolini said that today they go to depression and mental health forums as well as multiplayer games. When pressed further he explained that they will drop benign hints then ramp things up once they’ve been hooked. The recruiters are mostly from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Poland. He also specifically mentions Fortnite, Minecraft, and COD by name as games that recruiters are active in. But he also adds that they can be found in all multiplayer games. When asked for actual evidence that they’re recruiting through video games Piccolini declines to give it but says that it is easy to find.

Discussion in the thread turns to Elder Scrolls Online where people mention they’ve seen such behavior that was mentioned in the game. Blizzard is also name-dropped in the discussion where the Redditor accuses them of doing nothing when they reported such activity in World of Warcraft, adding that they didn’t do anything that was openly offensive or against the TOS.

a gate in Summerset

While the previously linked article to The Guardian talks about the idea that white supremacists are recruiting in games this AMA is the first time we’ve had anyone concretely come out and say that yes, this is happening. So the next time you see someone say “Make Tamriel Great Again” keep in mind that they may actually be a white supremacist recruiter.


Source: Reddit

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