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Wild West Online Confirms a New Early Access Launch Date

They said it just wasn’t ready before, but now it appears it’s ready. Or ready enough, at least. With that in mind, you should also perhaps get ready for the new Wild West Online early access launch date. Because the devs seem ready.

wild west online early access launch

The early access build of the sandbox MMO will feature over 100 different quests and over 20 guns inspired by historic weapons of the period. The build will also feature two public events: Artifact Hunt and Golden Road. Beyond that, there will be the usual open-ended activities one attributes to a sandbox such as mining, hunting, and PvP events.

The focus of early access will be to continue to bring polish to Wild West Online as well as introduce new content. “Since going into Technical Server Test Alpha, the development team has used community feedback to make Wild West Online a cowboy’s dream [and] will continue to use community feedback to shape the game,” reads the announcement.

Early access for Wild West Online kicks off on Wednesday, November 15th. The full game is still expected to release later this year according to the press release.

Our Thoughts

Color us a bit skeptical that the complete game will release later this year. Regardless, we’re glad to know that early access appears to be a go this time around. Unless, of course, the team behind the game makes an eleventh hour decision and shifts things backwards once more. We’ll wait and see.

Source: press release

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