Wild West Online Shows Off its Arsenal

Wild West Online has guns. Obviously. However, we now have a much clearer idea of just how many guns in a new Wild West Online forum post by one of the developers. And we can say, with full conviction, that WWO has a robust arsenal.

wild west online forum post

The post in question offers a look at 20 different models in Wild West Online, with a broad range of pistols, revolvers, rifles, and more. According to the post, Wild West Online is looking to cover as much of the period’s weapon history as possible, from experimental weapons to era-defining arms that “won the West”. “We are working to make WWO both fun and historically accurate, when it comes which weapons to include in the game,” explains the post.

The post notes that the weapons pictured will all be included in the upcoming beta test along with “a few surprises”. You can take a look at what weapons are on offer on the Wild West Online forums.

Our Thoughts

Naturally, we expected that Wild West Online would have a broad range of weapons. What we’re most curious about is how these weapons will perform in-game. Will there be a meta that builds around the best guns or will it be a purely preferential system? Time and beta testing will tell the tale.

Source: official forums

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