WildStar Adds New Lore

Last month Carbine, the developer of WildStar, ran a forum event it called Loremageddon. The WildStar team propositioned its fan base to ask any questions about they could muster in regards to the Lore of Nexus. The event is now over, the fruits of your labor have been produced. Yesterday, Carbine posted several comprehensive pages on the games universe and various aspects of the lore.


Starting today, we will be periodically releasing comprehensive lore about all of our playable races – presented in permanent web pages that will live on our existing web site. These pages will include lots of inside information about our races, including sections on physiology, history, and cultural traditions (just to name a few). Given the huge number of questions about the races, it only seemed logical to create a permanent home for all of that delicious lore where WildStar fans could sit down and devour it at their leisure. And the coolest part is that now that each race has a webpage, there’s nothing to stop us from updating those pages with new and exciting lore as it becomes available. Boom! 

The new Lore pages put together by Carbine are pretty interested. We recommend you give them a read. All of the new lore can be found here.

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