WildStar Beta this weekend for those who have Pre-ordered

Carbine Studios has announced that everybody who has pre-ordered WildStar, is able to join in the beta for trying out the game in its near finished state. The beta is starting today, and lasts until Sunday for those who are interested. Also, the level cap has been replaced with a level 20 cap, when it used to be level 17. This bonus weekend is a way for them to get more testing done, so they can get rid of all the bugs in the game. And of course, for those players who just can’t wait to play the game.


This way they can gather some more feedback on the game and simultaneously improve upon the games weaknesses. Also they want to say thanks to all their loyal testers who have previously entered the beta testing. June 3rd is the official launch of the game, so this is your opportunity to get an early look of the game.

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