WildStar Celebrates Three Years with the Starfall Celebration

The Starfall celebration is coming soon, and along with it the WildStar third anniversary, bringing fans of the MMO a vastly changed variety of events and goodies. According to the post, the new-look Starfall is based on player feedback with the hopes of making the event “a fun and rewarding celebration for the entire WildStar community”.

wildstar third anniversary

Starfall will run weekly events for the entire length of June, with boosts to Essence earnings, Glory, XP, and earnings from World Boss and Elite Monster kills planned, along with weekly login rewards. Subscribers who have been signed up for 90 cumulative days between January 1st and June 1st will also receive a set of unique firework flair for their mounts.

Starfall will fire off from June 1st until June 30th. Details of the event, including a breakdown of what bonuses will run each week and what free stuff is being handed out, can be found on the official website.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to the WildStar team for three years! We’re definitely hoping that fans of this MMO find this year’s Starfall a lot more rewarding and engaging, and hope that those fans have a home on Nexus for a long while to come yet.

Source: official site

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