WildStar Details Radical Upcoming Stat Changes

We’ve got some information on WildStar’s upcoming stat changes today in the latest Deep Dive from Steven Engle, Lead Combat Designer for the game’s free-to-play transition.


Out With the Old

WildStar’s unique stats are both a blessing and a curse. The idea of building your Moxie or Finesse dependent on your class is fun, but in practise with Moxie meaning one thing for one class and something else entirely for another, it leaves many newbies scratching their heads. Without the ability to know what a stat does at first glance, it all gets a bit convulated. So to counter this, Carbine are making some changes.

  • Removal of primary combat stats and those stats deriving into secondary stats.
  • Players will no longer be able to increase Assault or Support power through Runes. In addition, all stats are going through a balance pass to make their power relative with each other.
  • Re-adjusting the power curve and adjustment of levels. While overall power should be relatively the same at Datascape from Live to 1.4.0, some other areas of the leveling curve might feel a slight difference.

So rest in peace, Brutality, Finesse, Insight, Tech, Grit, and Moxie. Some day you might find Heart and form a really cool super hero… but not in WildStar.


In With the New

This isn’t exactly “new” information, though. However, we can reveal the six new core stats and their meanings for you today!

Assault/Support Power – This is given out via Assault or Support Rating and is then converted into Power. Almost all damage in the game scales off of either Assault or Support Power.

Armor – Armor determines the player’s base ability to reduce incoming damage of all damage types.

Health – This value determines the amount of damage the player can receive before death.

Shield Max – This value determines amount of damage a player’s shield can absorb (extending health).

For those more interested in PvP, check out the core stats:

PvP Power – This is derived from the PvP Power Rating and is converted into PvP Power or PvP Healing. All damage and healing in PvP combat is scaled by this stat.

PvP Defense – This is derived from the PvP Defense Rating and converted into PvP Defense. All defense in PvP is scaled by this stat.

What’s more, secondary stats will be available for experienced players to use to their advantage which gives more customization for each individual’s playstyles than before. Many secondary stats won’t be changing, but players can expect to see new and updated stats in: Strikethrough, Multi-Hit chance, Multi-Hit Severity, Vigor, Critical Mitigation, Intensity, Glance Chance, Glance Mitigation, Reflect Chance, Reflect Damage, Focus Recovery Rate, Focus Pool.


WildStar’s overhaul to core and secondary stats should serve to really revitalize the game for many who found the stat system too much before. To read more on the stat changes, check out the Deep Dive post here and the AMA with the WildStar class team over on Reddit.


Source: Press release, Deep Dive

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