WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Trouble

WildStar’s free-to-play version, which launched 2 days ago, apparently didn’t launch without any trouble. Numerous players have complained about incredible lag, which is making the game impossible to play. There’s also issues regarding character creation, the spending of NCoin, queue times, among other things.

WildStar 2

Of course, this isn’t a great impression for new players, but the staff of Carbine Studios is hard at work to fix everything that’s wrong with the servers. Some players are concerned that one megaserver isn’t enough to provide a proper gameplay experience for everyone, as it is simply too crowded, especially in the days to come where everyone is creating new characters. There are reportedly hundreds of players in a close proximity, which results in players not being able to see anything and not being able to move due to the lag. I’ve heard that sometimes there’s a lag of up to 3 seconds, which is pretty awful.

To look at it in a more positive light, however; the game is apparently very popular! Even though Carbine Studios wasn’t as prepared for the huge amount of players as they should’ve been, it goes to show that WildStar is hot and happening right now! Also, the studio has said that fixing the lag in WildStar is their top priority right now, so it should be fine soon. Until then, you’ll have to be a bit patient. But it will all pay off in the long run, because the game is simply beautiful.

Source: WildStar Forums

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