WildStar Introduces the Boss Hunter Challenge

Carbine recently reworked the way world boss encounters work in WildStar, and to celebrate this milestone they’re introducing the Boss Hunter Challenge event.


Starting on January 7, players will earn limited bonus rewards for every World Boss kill or Legendary Champion that’s slain. Each of these kills will grant players a Shiny Token and a lockbox key. Additionally, normal monsters also have a small chance of dropping Shiny Tokens. Players can then exchange Shiny Tokens for Lucky Lopp Lockboxes, which have some exclusive goodies from this event.

Lucky Lopp Lockbox Drops:

  • Veggie Launcher Toy
  • Garden Green Dye
  • Lopp Hunter Pet
  • Lopp Grinder Mount
  • And More!

The way World Bosses work in WildStar was overhauled last November. Initially, World Bosses were simply a way to attune for the high-end raids, but only a handful ever dropped decent gear. However, the rework changed World Bosses into raid encounters that drop gear, costumes, and pets. Each boss is now on a 1-2 day respawn timer, but players can collect Progenitor Access Particles to manually summon them.

The Boss Hunter Challenge ends on January 10 at 11:59pm PST.

Our Thoughts:

Previously, it was quite disappointing to spend hours looking for, and killing, WildStar World Bosses but not receiving anything worthwhile for it. This update and event finally give players a reason to grind some of the more difficult content in the game.

Source: Carbine

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