WildStar Launches its First Prime Difficulty Raid

We all remember the announcement video where WildStar growled about its raids and espoused the content’s difficulty. That difficulty is about to see a pretty significant boost today with a new WildStar Prime Raid, bringing another step in challenge as well as progression.

wildstar prime raid

Initialization Core Y-83 is getting a Prime Level 1 upgrade in the MMO’s latest patch, with a few new wrinkles to the game’s recently released Prime Difficulty progression for raid content. Instead of uniform challenges and rewards like current Prime difficulty content, Prime raids will closely mirror existing raid progression and offer an extension that goes beyond the rewards offered in the game’s normal version. This extension will rise with each successive raid and Prime Level as later raids get their own Prime difficulties.

If that all isn’t enough to slake your hardcore completionist bloodlust, there will also be an added Hard Mode modifier available with Y-83’s Prime difficulty, essentially granting the raid four challenge levels: normal, Hard Mode, Prime Level 1, and Prime Level 1 Hard Mode.

The latest update is also granting more chances for players to earn Progenitor Access Particles. The World Boss-summoning items will now have a rare chance to drop throughout Prime Difficulty dungeons, five-player encounters in Arcterra, and in World Boss and Arcterra Boss bags. Additionally, the chance to earn these items is being slightly increased at the end of Prime dungeons and for turning in Tier 2 Contracts.

Patch notes for the update can be read here.

Our Thoughts

For the more dedicated raiders among WildStar, this new set of progression levels could mean that setting up raiding schedules could become a regular activity. Of course, whether the harder difficulty is compelling enough to keep raiders coming back remains to be seen.

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