WildStar Livestream Offers a Primal Matrix Preview

The Power of the Primal Matrix update for WildStar is slowly making its way to the MMORPG, and the defining features of the content update were showcased in a developer livestream yesterday, which gave players a Primal Matrix preview and other new details of new end-game systems.


The Primal Matrix is a network of Clusters which open up as players activate Nodes and follow a path towards new unlocks like additional AMP points, additional Ability Points and a variety of new stat boosts. Nodes are opened by applying color-coordinated Essences a player collects; Crimson, Cobalt, Veridian and Violet.

The Primal Matrix will also grant players new abilities, and each class in the game will receive two new abilities in total. Three new stats are also being added: Tenacity, which increases damage dealt to lower HP targets; Toughness, which reduces damage taken as HP lowers; and Hope, which improves healing to badly damaged allies.

Unlocking sections of the Matrix adds to an aggregate metric known as Heroism, which operates similarly to an item level. Heroism directly ties in to the new Prime Levels system, a difficulty scale that runs from Prime 0 to Prime 10. The Content Finder will now let players choose the Prime Level of certain Dungeons and Expeditions, and will also give a recommended Heroism level. The devs specified that meeting the Heroism number isn’t a requirement to play the content.


On the subject of content, different colored Essences will be earned by playing various PvE, PvP and instanced encounters. The Content Finder will show players what sorts of Essences are being offered, and even will include information about timed multipliers that increase Essence rewards. Extra Essence can be gained by defeating dungeon bosses or finishing an Expedition completely, and the multiplier bonus applies as long players start the content before the timer expires.

If you happen to be gaining Essences you don’t want, then you can use an Exchange to convert one color of Essence in to another. Conversion rates for Crimson, Cobalt and Veridian are 1:1, while Violet can be converted at a rate of 20:1. Conversion will cost Service Tokens.

The new update will be available for testing on the PTS on Tuesday, January 10th. If you’ve got approximately an hour to kill, the livestream can be watched below.

Our Thoughts

The new Primal Matrix unlocks all look and sound pretty awesome, but they also sound incredibly grindy as well. How much of a grind is involved will be ultimately determined by how many Essences players get from content as well as how much it costs to unlock Nodes. In any case, we are very curious to see how this new progression system will work.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Primal Matrix? Does this sound like the kind of progression system WildStar needs, or is this another form of grind that you don’t want? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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