WildStar Megaserver Update Coming Wednesday

Carbine, the developers of WildStar, has announced the launch date of Megaservers. This will be a major maintenance that affects the entire player base. In the long run it should serve to make finding groups easier and help enrich your overall game experience. Additional details on the patch are listed below. For complete information please visit the official website and read the FAQ.


  • Megaserver transition will begin on Wednesday, 15th October at 5AM Pacific time, with all realms being brought down for maintenance for up to 24 hours.
  • This is not standard maintenance, so in appreciation for players’ patience while this transition is made Carbine is giving a month’s worth of Boom-Boxes (One per day for 30 days) and a free day of game time to all players.
  • After the transition, all characters that were on PvP realms before will be on either Luminai (EU) or Warhound (NA) and all the characters that were on a PvE server (Roleplaying realms included) will be on Jabbit (EU) or Entity (NA).
  • Surnames are coming – to prevent duplicate names, all players will be prompted to choose a unique second name the first time they log in – naming guides have been provided on the WildStar website.
  • Players from current French or German realms will automatically get added to a French or German chat zone and advice channels upon log in.
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