WildStar: Next Big Update Sabotage Revealed

Carbine Studios has unveiled today their latest update coming to their sci-fi MMORPG WildStar, called Sabotage! This will be the second content drop for the game since its launch.


WildStar PvP

The latest update entails a new PvP map for players to satisfy their bloodthirsty needs. This new PvP map will entice players to have at it with each other, featuring intense multiplayer action never before seen in the game. Featuring: Airstrikes, mounts and a ridiculous amount of explosives, Sabotage is a new game mode that players can take part of once they reach level 30. The mode will hold a player amount of 15 vs 15 and takes place in the Daggerstone Pass. The main goal of Sabotage is to capture and maintain hold points, which will deal damage to the enemy’s base. It is called “Sabotage” for a very good reason, as players can pick up randomly-spawned bombs and drop them on unsuspecting enemies. Once picked up, a bomb begins ticking down until it explodes, so a variety of strategies can be used accordingly.

Players can drop bombs near enemy players, enemy bases, or anything else that seems worthy of blowing up. Everything that is blown up, adds points to the respective team’s total, and the team with the most points when the timer hits zero, wins the game. If a team is good enough and is able to blow up the enemy’s fusion core, wins an immediate victory. Furthermore, this content drop is PvP focused, the next update will be focused on PvE players, so stay tuned!

Sabotage is highlighted in their latest WildStar DevSpeak trailer you can check out down here, enjoy!

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