WildStar PvP Changes Inbound

A recent blog post by Carbine creative director Chad Moore outlines a shift to incentivize more PvP in Wildstar.


Initially, there were both a healthy array of PvP and PvE servers in WildStar, but over the years the PvP communities have dwindled. This has resulted in a less-than-optimal experience for players on PvP servers, and Carbine is attempting to rectify this situation.

“We’ve found that increasingly over time the majority of WildStar players prefer to play on PvE servers. This has resulted in a far less vibrant server community for PvP players—including a lack of guilds, unhealthy economies, and fewer open world PvP opportunities—and a less satisfying play experience overall.”

The first two changes will be merging all players onto a single server for their respective regions. NA players will migrate to Entity and EU players to Jabbit. Currently, players can transfer for free, but all players will be forced to transition by March 16. Additionally, the WildStar development team is working on creating more significant rewards for players who participate in PvP.

The patch implemented today increases the prestige and gold rewards for killing any creatures that provide XP while a PvP flag is turned on. Although this incentivizes more PvP, it won’t have any effect on PvE-only players. Furhtermore, there will not be a way for PvP players to trick others into flagging.

“Your telegraphs will not randomly hit flagged enemies. The flagged enemies are culled from the target collection process if you aren’t flagged as well,” a Carbine staff member posted.

Our Thoughts:

The incentive to PvP in WildStar has been relatively low for quite some time. Hopefully, these changes will trigger a much needed change, but Carbine will need to do more to truly bring back PvP competition.

Source: Carbine

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