WildStar Raids Unveiled

Carbine Studios, game developer of the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG WildStar, introduces us to Raids, with another one of their dev speak videos. If you like hardcore and dangerous dungeons with brutal boss battles, harsh environment, and all sorts of deadly encounters, WildStar is the game for you. These raids are really, REALLY hard. They are 20 and 40 player PvE dungeons that will pit you and your friends up against some the hardest raids ever been conceived in MMORPG history. The game is coming out on June 3rd, preordering is already available (with some nice bonuses if you do so!). Also if you can’t wait to try out the game, it is in open beta since last week, check out their trailer down here:

What makes the WildStar raids so awesomely difficult compared to other MMOs?

The Telegraph Combat System: This system keeps players on their toes, constantly. Bright flashy red lights on being telegraphed everywhere on the floor below you, makes encounters inside raids exciting and unpredictable. No website will be able to prepare you for the hectic chaos you will face.



Teamwork: It is vital to success in WildStar raids. You need your friends to grapple you to safety, heal you when you are low on HP, and better yet, simply know the tactics of every boss encounter so you don’t wipe. With 20-40 man raids, there will definitely be some mistakes being made, so relying on a good team is a part of the challenge.


Hey Frank, avoiding spiky death spikes of death is advised dawg.

Replayability: Because what is more fun than being able to do that impossible raid? Being able to do it over, and over again with it staying just as fun as the first time you ran through. Not only that, enemies will learn from your pesky visits. So be prepared for for tactical shifts from one week to the next.


One does not simply only raid once.

Lootshowers for everyone: After defeating these excruciatingly difficult bosses, don’t forget to loot their corpses for desirable swag. You will be showered in loot, ranging from epic armor sets, powerful runes, elderly gems and majestic artifact weapons! Oh yes, raiding in WildStar will definitely be worth your time!


OOOooohhh.. Shiny!

For more info about Raiding in WildStar, check out their official site here!

Check out their dev speak video down here:

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