WildStar Reinvents Discoveries for Free-to-Play

Earlier today, Senior Game Designer for Wildstar Kristen “Caydiem” DeMaza, talked about a feature that the team is expanding and improving for WildStar Free-to-Play: Discoveries!

Discoveries have been in the game for a longer time already, so you might have seen them around before: cracked ground glowing with golden light. They didn’t serve much of a purpose before, however. Previously, when you clicked them, they provided you with a small buff, a loot box with a couple of items fitting your current level, or a fun little event. However, they were uncommon and your chances of finding one were rather unlikely.

Now Discoveries have been simplified and gives players a more reliable value just in time for Closed Beta.


Age of Discoveries

When looking at improvements to make for the upcoming transition to Free-to-Play, the developers felt like they needed to give players more points of discovery during their experience in the world of WildStar. Places where players could have a cool experience, but which still drove the action forward. They wanted something different: something more than a payoff for finishing a quest episode for example. And so, the decision was made. The number of Discoveries out in the world have been increased, and there are now more reasons for you to hunt down.

Discover What Now?

Much like before, Discoveries grant a random reward. Eldan Matrices are the most common result of revealing a Discovery: automated stations that grant various buffs. But now they give much more substantial bonuses. For instance, revealing a Discovery could grant you with an effect that increases your Assault and Support Power by 15%, or give you a healthy regenerative boost. Also, these stations hang around for a few minutes now, so you and your friends can grab the buff again if you need a refresh. Discoveries are designed to mix things up in the leveling experience and keep you searching for the next one.

If that’s not motivation enough for you to chase down Discoveries, maybe some exclusive companion pets might change your mind. Starting at level 6, each zone in the game will future a unique pet that can only be found through Discoveries. Only the most dedicated of pet lovers among us will collect them all.


Discover New Looks

There have also been 9 costumes added that you can find via Discoveries. Engage your style engines by dressing like a Bloodfire Draken, or by sporting a pair of goggles!

You can see this and other tidbits in the Free-to-Play WildStar Closed Beta, currently running on the Public Test Realm.

Source: WildStar Announcement

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