WildStar releases new Dev Speak containing PvP Details

Turbine has released a new Dev Speak video containing some more details over PvP in WildStar. In the video, they state that they have never lost sight of the PvP in WildStar, favoring it high over all their other features in the game. With their combat system they want to make PvP as skill reliant as possible. You of course have to aim your skills, instead of tab targeting auto-lock on abilities. You have to dodge incoming abilities as well. Of course they have crossrealm PvP, so you can duke it out against your friends across any realm. You can play different battlegrounds and arenas, and they always reward you with ‘prestige’, also known as your currency for buying items. You can play battlegrounds and arenas either in open mode, or rated mode. The open mode is just casual, and rated mode means you gain ranks if you win, and lose ranks if you lose. But I think I have said enough, watch the video for yourself!

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