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Wildstar Rumored Removed From Shelves, Free to Play May Be Coming

Several months ago, just before The Elder Scrolls Online announced they were switching to the buy to play business model with Tamriel Unlimited it was reported that EB Games in Australia were being told to remove the game from their shelves. Well today that same thing has happened again, only this time it’s Carbine’s Wildstar being taken down. An EB Games employee spoke anonymously with games.on.net saying that Wildstar stock had been withdrawn from their store a few weeks ago. Wildstar is available for purchase still at a new reduced price online, but is the withdrawl of stock from Australian shelves a sign that things are about to change?

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There has been a lot of speculation and discussion about Wildstar going free to play. It reached a peak when Elder Scrolls Online, which was launched around the same time as Wildstar announced Tamriel Unlimited. Back in October our very own Wildstar columnist Nick Shively speculated that NCSoft and Carbine were between a rock and a hard place, saying that something would have to happen. If the rumored stock removal is a sign of changes coming, will Wildstar go the ESO route and try out a buy to play model or will they go completely free to play? Only time will tell. We’ve reached out to NCSoft for comments and will be updating this post as soon as we hear anything.


Source: games.on.net

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